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Sofia Dias · PT

Dream it · Make it — Founder & Director
Art Direction
Trends driven innovation
Futures Literacies
futures in action
About me
Sofia Dias is a Designer, an Artist, a Curious Mind and a Futures Activist. At present, she dedicates herself to the Foresight industry, in particular with Futures Literacies and Resiliency strategies.
In academia, she is co-directing the Postgraduate Program in Coolhunting and Trends Forecasting at LCI-Barcelona, and this year, Sofia launched dream it · make it, an inclusive service of innovation that is the first trends-driven and futures-centred e-learning platform.
She is one of the founders of Fibra-studio, an international network of research and trends consulting based between Brasil, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Sofia is also a textile art enthusiast; she is presently exploring carpets design and the sculptural aspect of fibres in cohabitation with other objects.

João Soares · PT

Organisational psychologist
art therapist
Experiences facilitator
About me
Human relations, creativity and diversity of experiences have always shaped the way I chose to engage in life. 
Today I make my way through lifes waves firmly believing that strength, optimism and adaptability come from the commitment to self-knowledge, from contributing for the good of others and working with people I admire on inspiring projects.
At the moment I´m dedicated to Raia Miúda, to the development of e-learning courses and to the facilitation of art-therapy workshops. Nevertheless, I'm always available to activate partnerships with people and institutions with the same shared values.

our vision,
our manifest.

WHO (are we)

We are a community of Cultural Agents, Mind Shakers and Trouble Makers. We are daring the world to reimagine itself, telling that we may get somewhere. Our team comprises independent authors, consultants, researchers from Art Direction, Photography, Trends Studies, Anthropology or Psychology. 


HOW (we operate)

We are a business based upon ethics, and we believe and knowledge holders and in people willing to learn. We want those two groups of people to be in the same room, at the same time, co-learning and build parcels of a more desirable future. We believe strongly that innovation and resilience are a right, and for that reason, they should be inclusive.At DREAM IT · MAKE IT, we work daily and passionately on this value, delivering talks, actions, workshops and other contexts to link our audience needs.


WHY (it matters)

DREAM IT · MAKE IT is the claim of a space interested in creating communities based on knowledge experience to actively promote and act on the co-construction of a more positive future. We are not a school, and we are proud of it. Why? We want to produce another opportunity for edupreneurs and students/professionals to curate their knowledge paths.

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