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The future starts with a dream


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dream it · make it is a brand new learning space, designed to fit you and the planet.

We aim to participate in a regeneration culture by Design, BY TRENDS & FUTURES.

Join us and let's Activate the Future together!
Sofia Dias · Dream it · make it Founder
Learn with the best of Trends Sector

Academics, Researchers, Consultants, Artists and Artisans
Masterclasses to care about the XXIst Century

Coaching · Soft Skills Stimulation · Micro Consultancy· Focus on Sustainability · Resilience · SDG30 · Net-Zero challenges.
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Have access to the latest reports, visual models, documentation, daily news, chats an a community to grow with.
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Find your way in uncertain times: do you need a spark of inspiration or make sense of the present times?
Choose your programs and be confident about the future. You are designing it.


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