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Hello, Dreamers & Makers

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A weekly session to share and care
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1h of conversation
Meet the instructor

Sofia Dias

Sofia Dias is a Designer, an Artist, a Curious Mind and a Futures Activist. At present, she dedicates herself to the Foresight industry, in particular with Futures Literacies and Resiliency strategies.
In academia, she is co-directing the Postgraduate Program in Coolhunting and Trends Forecasting at LCI-Barcelona, and this year, Sofia launched dream it · make it, an inclusive service of innovation that is the first trends-driven and futures-centred e-learning platform.
She is one of the founders of Fibra-studio, an international network of research and trends consulting based between Brasil, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Sofia is also a textile art enthusiast; she is presently exploring carpets design and the sculptural aspect of fibres in cohabitation with other objects.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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